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Kemry - Bakery Materials

Our designer baking supplies are produced from quality ingredients that you’ll love using again and again. Browse our selection of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies supplies online such as Luster Dust for drinks and food. 

Luster Dust is a tasteless, odorless, Luster Dust powder used for highlighting, adding colors, or toning cakes, cookies, chocolate, desserts, candies, etc.

Using Luster dust on food products possibilities are endless. Painting or Dry brushing with Luster Dust and Glitters will have your sugar paste shining, fondant shimmering, chocolate shining, buttercream glittering, sugar pastes sparkling, and Gleaming Drinks.

We provide various types of Bakery Raw materials like - Sprinkles, Synthetic Colours, Luster dust, Sugar Balls, Metallic Sugar Balls and Stars, and more.

Luster Dust can be used alone or mixed with similar color powder to produce a more intense gloss. Whether you're decorating your chocolates with rose gold luster dust or decorating your cake with gold luster dust, We have a large range of luster dust to choose from.

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