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Luster dust (Emerald Green, Dark Magenta, Pinkish) - a versatile Dusting Pearl powder, adds a touch of brilliance and glamor to culinary creations. With its fine, shimmering particles, luster dust creates a metallic or pearlescent effect, enhancing the visual appeal of cakes, cupcakes, fondant, chocolates, and more. Available in a wide array of colours, from gold and silver to vibrant hues and subtle pastels, luster dust allows for endless creative possibilities. It can be brushed, airbrushed, or mixed with clear extract to create paintable solutions, providing flexibility in application. Whether used for highlighting intricate details or adding overall shimmer, luster dust elevates desserts into stunning works of art.

Luster Dust 5gm Box Combo (Pack of 3)

₹885.00 Regular Price
₹559.00Sale Price