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Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Luster Dust on Chocolate

Tip #1 - Dry brush luster dust directly on Chocolate.

You can use Luster dust on chocolate either by brushing directly onto mold and then pour chocolate into it or using a suitable mixer to use Luster Dust in Liquid form.

To use Luster Dust just by brushing dry luster dust make sure to use a food-grade brush and only use luster dust. Dry brush your chocolate mold and pour melted chocolate in mold, let it cool down and remove the chocolate mold and find the amazing luster on chocolate. Watch a given video to get the idea. You can also add luster dust to drinks! Just add a small amount to your drink and stir until combined.

Video of Dry brushing chocolate : Watch Here

Tip #2 - Paint with the help of evaporax

Also, to use Luster Dust in liquid form, mix your luster dust thoroughly with suitable mixer(like Evaporax or vodka) for perfect consistency, then paint it with brush. Coat as many layers you want to get your desired shade.

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