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Luster Dust and Sprinkles

Whether you’re decorating your cakes with a brilliant gold or dusting your chocolate praline with brilliant copper luster dust, we have wide verities of luster dust, Sprinkles , Puff Colour Bottles, Dry Colour and Sugar ball you may require and can be used dry brushing or mixed with alcohol, oil, and evaporax to produce a more intense gloss.


Bakery Material

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Elevate your baking experience with our premium Bakery Materials .Unleash your creativity with vibrant Luster Dust, delightful Sprinkles, and Sugar Balls. Decor your treats with Vermicelli, Synthetic Food Colours, and add a pop with Dry Puff Colours. Celebrate every festive creation with our high-quality manufactured ingredients. 
Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the joy of baking with HSJ Industries – where passion meets perfection. 
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Try Our Liquid Food Colour

Use this shimmery, Liquid Food Colour in your Bakery Decoration and make them Esthetic and Professional. In Today's Generation - Everyone like Colourfull and Beautiful Confectionaries. We also manufactured Sprinkles & Luster Dust to add a little highlight of colour to your baked goods by dry dusting. Luster dust, highlighter dust, petal dust, pearl dust, sparkle dust, Sprinkles , Sugar Balls, Stars, disco dust - no matter what you call it, Add Synthetic Colours to make your Cakes & Donuts colorful, it's the perfect shimmery finish for that extra bit of glam to your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

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Kemry - We provide you various types of Sprinkles and Sugar Balls and More. 

Sprinkles are decorative confectionery items used to add color and texture to various food items, like - Sparkly sugar balls for cupcakes , Golden Glitter flakes, Dry puff colors for cake pops, Shimmer color dust for chocolates, Pearlized sugar balls for cupcakes, gold shimmer powder and metallic food coloring especially baked goods and desserts. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Sprinkles can be used to enhance the visual appeal of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and other sweet treats. They come in different forms, including jimmies (long, thin rod-shaped sprinkles), nonpareils (tiny round sprinkles), and larger shapes like stars, hearts, and more.

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